SOLD!  It’s a Sutton Thing . . . When it comes to auctions, EXPERIENCE COUNTS!  Chuck and his associates have years of experience  and a reputation for success to provide you a successful auction!  RESULTS MATTER!


In the last month we have sold . . .

146 Acres of Unimproved Verdi Twp., Lincoln Co., MN Land                                              $7,800.00/Acre

200.6 Acres of Unimproved Verdi Twp., Lincoln Co., MN Land                                            $5,200.00/Acre

139.4 Acres of Unimproved Greenland Twp., McCook Co., SD Land                                    $6,800.00/Acre

56.68 Acres of Unimproved Sweet Twp., Pipestone Co., MN Land                                       $7,300.00/Acre

80 Acres of Unimproved Elkton Twp., Brookings Co., SD Land                                           $3,800.00/Acre

80 Acres of Unimproved Maydell Twp., Clark Co., SD Land                                                $3,350.00/Acre

68.5 Acres of Unimproved Portland Twp., Deuel Co., SD Land                                            $3,000.00/Acre

105.89 Acres of Unimproved Alliance Twp., Moody Co., SD Land                                        $7,425.00/Acre

87.79 Acres of Unimproved Eden Twp., Pipestone Co., MN Land                                        $7,425.00/Acre

10.47 Acres Unimproved Benton Twp., Minnehaha Co., SD Land                                        $8,500.00/Acre

80 Acres of Unimproved Lynn Twp., Moody Co., SD Land                                                  $5,850.00/Acre

153.56 Acres of Unimproved Lone Rock Twp., Moody Co., SD Land                                   $10,700.00/Acre

In the upcoming weeks, we will have approximately 2,250 Acres of Unimproved land in Minnehaha County, Gregory County, Lincoln County, Hanson County & Moody County in South Dakota as well as unimproved land in Pipestone County, Minnesota.  Call us today to put our years of experience to work for you and let us help you plan for a successful auction!   Remember “Successful Auctions Don’t Just Happen – They’re Planned!”


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