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Nussbaum – +/-335.23 Acres of Unimproved Rock Co., MN Land


Nussbaum – +/-335.23 Acres of Unimproved Rock Co., MN Land


+/-335.23 Surveyed Acres of High Producing Springwater Twp., Rock County, MN Land, with the West Side of the Land Lying Adjacent to the MN/SD State Line – This Property has a Mixture of Productive Cropland & Pasture – The Former Farmstead in this Half Section is Not Included!  

We will offer the following real property at auction “On Site” at the land – located from the Northeast Corner of  Sherman, SD (Jct. 487th Ave & 250th St.) – 1 mile east on 250th St.; from Garretson, SD –  1 mile east on 253rd St., 3 miles north on 487th Ave. to Sherman, SD, then 1 mile east on 250th St.; from Jasper, MN – approx. 6 miles south to the Sherman Corner on Hwy. #23, then 1 ½ miles west on Hwy. #7 (191st St.) to the NE corner of the farm.


SALE DATE: MONDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2019          Sale Time:  10:00 AM

Auctioneer’s Note:  Attention Row Crop & Crop Livestock Operators & Investors!   This auction presents an excellent opportunity to purchase an extremely well located parcel of Rock County, MN land to be offered as Two Individual Surveyed Parcels or as a Single Surveyed +/-335.23 Acre Farm, with a mixture of cropland and pasture, or as two individual parcels – one with a mixture of cropland and pasture and a second that is nearly all tillable.  This land has very good fertility, as this land has had manure applied annually to portions of this property.  This property has been surveyed at expense of the sellers, which adds an added degree of accuracy in representing the total number of acres being sold.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend this auction!

This auction presents a great opportunity to purchase productive parcel(s) of Rock County, MN Land and will be offered as TRACT #1 – +/-184.13 Acres with a Mixture of Cropland and Pasture (Identified on a Surveyor’s Drawing as Parcels #2, #3, #4  & #7) and TRACT #2 –   +/-151.1 Acres that has an extremely high percentage tillable (Identified on a Surveyor’s Drawing as Parcels #5 & #6) or as TRACTS #1 & #2 Combined – The +/-335.23 Acre Unit.

This land is situated in a locale which is a very highly regarded agricultural area in western Springwater Twp. in Rock County, MN.  This land has an excellent location with the north side of the property bordering a County Highway and is bordered on the west by the SD/MN State Line and on the east by 20th Ave. This farm is presently administered through the Minnehaha County, SD FSA office and is identified as part of Farm 12280 – Tr. #10347 with a total of approx. 219.67 acres of cropland.  Tract #1 includes three fields of cropland containing 11.65 acres, 42.83 acres and 14.97 acres, additionally on Tract #1 FSA indicates there is approximately 111.09 acres of pastureland.  Tract #2 is virtually all tillable showing approx. 147.40 acres of cropland; additionally there is approx. 2.82 acres of cropland that is enrolled in CRP/buffer strip which may be divided with a small portion in both Tracts #1 & #2; Tracts #1 & #2 Together as a Single Combined Unit has approx. 219.67 acres of cropland; which together have an FSA 131.6 acre corn base with a 158 bu. PLC yield and a 64.70 acre soybean base with a 48 bu. PLC yield; this parcel has 2.82 acres enrolled in the CRP Program with 2.82 acres enrolled at a rate of $274.77 per acre generating a total annual payment of $775.00 with the contract scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, 2025; the present nontillable portions of this farm are comprised of approx. 111 acres of well managed pasture with an abundant water supply provided by Rock Creek which traverses through the pasture, the remaining nontillable acres are comprised of the CRP Buffer Strip acres, waterway and roads.  This farm is enrolled under the Co. ARC election of the USDA Farm Program.  According to the Rock County Assessor this farm has a very respectable CER on the 155.11 acres in the NE ¼ of 76.89 and on 159.79 acres in the NW ¼ of 72.09 and on the 14.49 acres in the fraction of 85.23, comparatively information obtained from Surety Agri-Data, Inc. indicates that this farm has a cumulative weighted average productivity index on the property in its entirety of a 73.4, although on just the cropland acres it indicates a productivity index of a 90.2. According to the owners and a tile map provided by Loosbrock Drainage, the installer of the tile, there is approx. 8,000’ of existing drain tile installed through sectors of the farm, thus the overall farmability of the cropland on this farm is excellent.  The general topography of this farm ranges gently rolling to rolling.  The total Non-Homestead RE taxes payable in 2019 on this farm were $6,252.00 based on the total of 329.39 taxable acres. This land has potential to serve as an excellent addition to an area row crop and/or crop livestock farming operation or investment property.  If you are in the market for a well located productive parcel of western Rock Co., MN land, then make plans inspect this property and be in attendance at this auction.

 ABBREVIATED LEGAL DESC.:  Parcels as Identified on a Surveyor’s Certificate as Parcels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 in the N ½ of Sec. 2 and in Gov’t. Lots 1 & 2 in the fraction of Sec. 3, T. 103N., R. 47W., Springwater Twp., Rock Co., MN.

 TERMS: Cash – A 10% nonrefundable downpayment on the day of the sale with the balance due and payable on or before Nov 15, 2019.  Marketable Title will be conveyed and at the option of the sellers either abstracts of title continued to date or owner’s title insurance will be provided to the buyer for examination prior to closing, if title insurance is utilized the cost of the owner’s policy will be divided 50-50 between the buyer and seller.  The RE taxes payable in 2019 in the non-homestead tax amount of $6,252.00 will be paid by the owners; with the purchaser(s) to be responsible all of the RE taxes payable in 2020.  The sellers do not warranty or guarantee that existing fences lie on the true boundary and any new fencing, if any, will be the responsibility of the purchaser pursuant to MN statutes. The buyer(s) will receive 100% of the payment on the CRP acres payable in 2020 with no proration, and will be obligated to succeed to the contract and comply with all the remaining terms and provisions of the existing CRP contract; furthermore any buyouts or penalty due for cancellation or non-compliance with the terms of the CRP contract will be the responsibility of the new owner(s).  FSA yields, bases, CRP info., payments & other FSA information is estimated and not guaranteed and are subject to County Committee Approval. This property is sold subject to existing easements, restrictions, reservations or highways of record, if any, as well as any or all applicable county zoning ordinances.  The sellers may desire to utilize this property in conjunction with a 1031 tax free exchange and if so, the buyer will agree to cooperate in the facilitation of the exchange, although the costs related to the exchange and the closing fees will be paid by the sellers. Information contained herein is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. The RE licensees/auctioneers in this transaction stipulate that they are acting as agents for the sellers.  Sold subject to confirmation of the Trustee’s/Owners.


Ph. 605-582-6640


CHUCK SUTTON – Auctioneer & Land Broker – MN Lic. #59-26 – Sioux Falls, SD – ph. 605-336-6315 or Pipestone, MN – ph. 507-825-3389; 

DEAN STOLTENBERG – Auctioneer – MN Lic. #59-38 – Jasper, MN – ph. 507-348-7352

 JARED SUTTON – Auctioneer – MN Lic. #59-72 – Flandreau, SD – ph. 605-864-8527

& BOB JULSON – Auctioneer – MN Lic. #67-71 – Garretson, SD – ph. 605-351-2654




September 30, 2019


10:00 am


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Nussbaum – 250th St.
250th St.
Garretson, SD 57003 United States


Chuck Sutton
Dean Stoltenberg
Jared Sutton
Bob Julson

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