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Kirsch – Huge Toy & Coin Auction

Kirsch – Huge Toy & Coin Auction


Lionel Trains, American Flyer Trains, Redline Hotwheels, Buddy L, Tootsietoy, Tonka, Structo, Tender Cars, Thimble Drone, Ohlsson & Rice Ignition Engines, Toy Airplanes, Toy Boats, Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, Gold Coins, Currency … Plus much more!!

We are privileged to conduct the Dewayne & Diane Kirsch auction, with the auction to be held at the Janklow Community Center at 802 W. Community Dr. in Flandreau, SD; Located directly west of the Flandreau Public High School or from Dollar General on the west side of Flandreau, SD at the Jct. of Hwy. #32 (Pipestone Ave.) & Veteran’s  St. – 3 blocks north and 1 block east.


Sale Times:  Coins to begin selling at 9:00 am with Toys to begin selling at 10:00 am

Live Bidding & Proxibid to begin at approx. 12:00 Noon                                                Lunch by the OSLC Cana Group

Proxibid - Live Internet Bidding

After collecting over the past 50+ years, Dewayne and Diane have decided it is time to start liquidating their treasures! This auction will concentrate on the high quality toys that have been accumulated over the years. DeWayne and Diane were very fussy and collected only the best of the best! This listing in only a portion of the items to be offered as many of the toys have been packed away for years, and were unavailable at the time this listing was created. Two rings will be utilized as coins will begin selling at 9:00am and will continue as toys will begin selling at 10:00am.

TRAIN ENGINES & CARS: Large Vintage 4” Wheel Spread Live Steam – Coal Fired Engine & Tender (Very Rare & Unique); Lionel 1990 Limited Production Santa Fe Set w/ Extra 8212 Engine; Lionel JC Penny 721 Gulf Mobile & Ohio Engine; Lionel JC Penny 8809 NYSW Engine; Lionel JC Penny 88123 Missabe Engine; Lionel JC Penny 2345 Western Pacific F3A-A Engine (1952 Only); Lionel JC Penny 2379 Rio Grande A-B F3 Engine (1957-1958 only);  Lionel JC Penny 52 C&IM Diesel Engine with 6-18`556 5 Car & Caboose Train Set; Lionel JC Penny 6657 Rio Grande Caboose (1957-1958 only); American Flyer 322AC Engine w/orig. box; American Flyer 312 Engine w/smoke intender & orig. box; MTH Rail King 1604 C&O Allegheny 2-6-6-6 Engine; MTH Rail King No. 5 Galloping Goose Engine; MTH Rail King 4449 Southern Pacific Gs-4 Steamer Engine; MTH Rail King 12 W.V.P & P Co. Premier Shay Steam Engine;  Lionel Northern Pacific 2626 Steam Engine w/orig. box; Lionel Northern Pacific 17615 Smoking Caboose; Lionel 3000 Rail Scope Diesel Locomotive w/ TV Monitor; Lionel 1625 Marine Battle Pro Special Train Set w/orig. box; Lionel 6-8701 No. 3 “The General” Steam Engine w/Passenger Car – Baggage Car and Horse Car for the 4-4-0; Lionel 6-11711 Santa-Fe F3 Diesels A-B-A with Rail Sound and Orig. Box; Lionel 2245 “The Texas Special” F3 Set with Cars6462-6561-6464-6462-25-6427-170 and 6657 caboose with orig. box; Lionel Steel 57 with 3 Die Cast Hopper Cars Set with orig. box; Rail King 612 Northfork & Western Powhatan Arrow Passenger Set with 4-8-4 J Steam Locomotive in Orig. Box; Lionel Hiawatha No. 350-E Diesel Engine with Passenger Cars 882-883 & 884 in orig. box; Lionel Shay No. 6 Western Maryland Steam Engine in Orig. Box; Lionel 18411 Canadian Pacific Fire Car; Lionel 18406 Canadian Pacific Fire Car; Lionel 8578 Bellis Tamper Car; Lionel No. 68 Inspection Car; Lionel Track Testing Equipment Orange Inspection Car; Lionel Blue Inspection Pickup; Lionel Santa Fe 622 Bell Ringer Diesel Switcher; Lionel 623 Diesel Switcher; Lionel 620 Box Engine; Lionel 51 Navy Switcher Diesel; Lionel 53 Rio Grande Switcher Snow Plow; Lionel AEC Switcher; Lionel 5511 Tie-Jector; Lionel 3927 Track Cleaner; Lionel 601 Seaboard Diesel Switcher; Lionel 6418 Flatbed Rail Car w/Beam; Lionel Boom Rail Car w/Spaceman; Lionel 6219 C&O Railroad Work Caboose; Lionel 611925 D.L.&W Work Caboose; Lionel 6119 D.L.&W Work Caboose; Lionel 6814 Rescue Unit Working Caboose; Lionel Sante Fe Diesel Switcher; Lionel 613 Union Pacific Diesel Switcher; Lionel 2460 Erie Work Crane; Lionel 19305 B&O Hopper Car; Lionel 9228 Canadian Pacific Box Car; Lionel 6822 Spotlight Car; Lionel Satellite Car; Lionel 9157 B&O Rail Car w/Crane; Lionel 3830 Rail Car w/Submarine; Lionel 6413 Mercury Project Cape Canaveral Car; Lionel 6376 Circus Stock Car; Lionel 628 Center Cab Switcher Diesel Engine; lionel 629 Center Cab Switcher Diesel Engine; Lionel 625 Center Cab Switcher Diesel Engine; Lionel 3419 Flatbed Rail Car w/Helicopter; Lionel 3410 Flatbed Rail Car w/Helicopter; Lionel 3419 Flatbed Railcar w/Double Blade Helicopter; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/ Yellow Helicopter; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Helicopter; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Missile Launch Unit; Lionel 3461 Log Car w/Logs; Lionel 6424 Flatbed Rail Car w/Orig. Cars; Lionel 3410 Flatbed Rail Car w/Missile Launch Helicopter; Lionel 927 Lubricating Kit (Complete); Lionel 6057 Caboose; Lionel 6257 Caboose; Lionel B&N Caboose; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Boat; Lionel 6670 Crane Rail Car; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/ Missiles; Lionel 3362 Flatbed Rail Car w/ Helium Tanks; Lionel 6825 Flatbed Rail Car w/Bridge Beams; Lionel 6844 Flatbed Rail Car w/Missiles; Lionel 3540 Flatbed Rail Car w/Operating Crane; Lionel Army Gondola Car; Lionel 6810 Flatbed Rail Car w/Semi Trailer; Lionel 636255 Flatbed Rail Car w/Rail Trucks; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Airplane; Lionel 6800 Flatbed Rail Car w/Cast Steam Engine; Lionel 6825 Flatbed Rail Car w/Tanks; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Missile Launcher (Black); Lionel 6630 Flatbed Rail Car w/Missile Launcher (Red); Lionel 6656 Stock Trailer; Lionel 72 Refrigerated Milk Car; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Spotlight; Lionel Flatbed Rail Car w/Army Tanks; Lionel 6175 Flatbed Rail Car w/Navy Missile; Lionel 6801 Flatbed Rail Car w/USMC Boat; Lionelville 8716 Circus Special Train Set w/orig. box; Lionel 3520 Flatbed Rail Car w/Spotlight & Engine; Lionel 3419 Flatbed Rail Car w; Bull Dozier; Lionel 8303 Amtrak Train Set with 7 Cars and Orig. Box; Lionel 6343 Flatbed Rail Car w/Culvert; Lionel 400 Baltimore & Ohio Bug Car in Orig. Box & Orig. Wrapping; Lionel 8005 ATSF Steam Engine w/Coal Car; Lionel 6809 Flatbed Rail Car w/Army Truck; Lionel 8500 GP9 Milwaukee Road Diesel Train Set; Lionel 8501 Western Maryland Train Set w/6 Cars; Lionel 8302 Great Northern Train Set w/6 Cars; Lionel 671 Steam Engine w/Tender in Orig. Box; Lionel 6-8768 ILLUMINATED BUDD Commuter Train 3pc. Set in Orig. Box; Lionel Large Scale Thunder Mountain Express Train Set in Orig. Box; Lionel Chessie System 6 Car Train Set in Orig. Box w/Extra Engine; Lionel 41 US Army Switcher in Orig. Box; Lionel CP Rail 6 Car Train Set in Orig. Box and Dummy Engine; Lionel 464 Lumber Mill in Orig. Box; Lionel 3927 Rail Cleaner in Orig. Box; Lionel No. 50 Gang Car in Orig. Box; Lionel 3424 Brakeman Car in Orig. Box; Lionel 3830 Flatbed Rail Car w/Submarine & Box; Lionel 6501 Jet Motor Boat Transport Car; Lionel 6468 Baltimore & Ohio Automobile Car w/Orig. Box; Lionel 6812 Track Maintenance Car; Lionel 2530 Baggage Car; Lionel 2531 Observation Car; Lionel 2532 Astra-Dome Car; Lionel 2533 Pullman Car; Lionel 2534 Pullman Car; K-Line Heavyweights Set of 3 Passenger Cars – Circus Animal Car & Elephant Car; K-Line 69003 Circus Cars on Rail Car; K-Line 69009 Circus Cars on Rail car; K-Line 69002 Circus cars on Rail Car; K-Line 666802 Coca-Cola Circus car; K-Line Operation Desert Storm Train Set w/6 cars and Orig. Box; (2) 4000 Transformer Units with Dual Controls; Dual Power 027 270 Watt AC Power MRC Unit w/Remote; large selection of track and accessories; plus…….many more units housed in the orig. boxes yet to be discovered!

CARS & TRUCKS: Over 150 Redline Hotwheels from 1968 – 1977 of various colors including Beatnik Bandit; Custom Cougar; Custom Mustang; Ford J; Hot Heap; Custom T-Bird; Custom Barracuda; Custom Camaro; Custom Firebird; Custom Volkswagon; Silhouette; Deora; Custom Fleetside; Custom Corvette; Classic 36 Ford Coupe; Turbofire; Lotus Turbine; Classic 31 Ford Woody; Twinmill; Splittin Image; Ambulance; Classic Nomad; Fire Engine; Mongoose Funny Car; Peeping Bomb; Sand Crab; Snake Funny Car; Tow Truck; Seasider; Porsche 917; Mantis; Heavy Chevy; Dump Truck; Boss Hoss; Mighty Maverick; Skyshow Deora; Red Baron; Paddy Wagon; Mod Quad; Fire Chief Cruiser; Cement Mixer.  Plus 100’s of modern Hotwheels including Treasure Hunts; Sizzlers; Limited Editions; Collector Series; all in orig. boxes. Carrera Evolution “The American Way” Race Car Set (NIB); Buddy L Express Line Metal Truck; Buddy L Hydraulic Dump Truck; Tootsietoy Dan Dugan Semi Truck; Tonka No. 5 Fire Truck; Buddy L No. 6 Fire Truck; Tonka Car Hauler; Strucco Flatbed Car Hauler w/trailer;……Plus Much More.

MISC. TOYS & ENGINES: Thimble Drone Cox P-40 Flying Tiger Airplane in orig. box; Thimble Drone Cox PT-19 Flight Trainer in orig. Box; Radio Controlled Gas Operated Helicopter (Complete); Gale Force Radio Controlled Gas Powered Hydra-Plane Air Boat; Antje Shrimp Boat; Radio Controlled 18” Boat & Motor in orig. box. Champion Cast Iron Motorcycle; Arcade Cast Iron Pickup; Super 60 Ignition Engine; Fox Glow Plug Engine’ Aero Ignition Engine; K&B Glow Plug Engine’ Saturno Super Tigre Glow Plug Engine; K&B 40 Glow Plug Engine; Rocket Motor Ignition Engine; Ohlsson & Rice Ignition Engine w/Smith Coil; Brown Junior Motor Ignition Engine; Twin Cylinder Engine w/Ignition; Solid Brass Steam Engine; Johnson Toy Outboard Electric Motor; Cast Iron Twin Cylinder Steam Engine; Cast Iron Coca-Cola Bottling Steam Engine; Small Brass Steam Engine; Four Post EIWI Polland Brass Steam Engine; PME Copper Steam Boiler (Complete); EIWI Brass Walking Beam Steam Engine; Cox Thimble Drone Special #9 Pusher (No Motor – Orig. Paint); Cameron Precision No. 23 Tether Car with Motor; Handmade Folk Art Gas Powered Fireball No. 6 Tether Car with Motor; Ohlsson & Rice No. 12 Tether Car with Driver & Motor (Rare); Handcrafted Fiberglass Body Tether Car; Schuco Studio 1050 Wind-Up Car; Ohlsson & Rice No. 56 Tether Car with Driver (No Motor); GI Joe Motorcycle with Sidecar; Various GI Joe Action Figurines; GI Joe Footlockers with Accessories; GI Joe Helicopter; Hubley Gun & Holster Cap Gun Set in Orig. Box; Pony Box Gun & Holster Cap Gun Set in Orig. Box; Marx 411 Air Mail Hanger; plus many more vintage toys to be yet unwrapped.

SILVER DOLLARS: Morgan Silver Dollar Complete Set (Less 1895-P). All Coins Graded by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). A sample listing of some key date(s) include 1878-CC (AU55); 1879-CC (VF25); 1880-CC (XF-45); 1881-CC (MS64)1882-CC (MS64); 1883-CC (MS64); 1883-S (AU55); 1884-CC (MS63); 1884-S (AU50); 1885-CC (MS64); 1885-S (AU58); 1886-S (AU50); 1888-S (AU58); 1889-CC (VF30); 1890-CC (XF40); 1891-CC (XF45); 1892-CC (VG10); 1892-S (VF20); 1893-P (XF45); 1893-CC (VF25); 1893-O (VG08); 1893-S (VG10); 1894-P (XF40); 1894-O (XF40); 1894-S (XF45); 1895-O (F12); 1895-S (VF35); 1896-P (MS64); 1896-O (AU53); 1897-O (AU53); 1897-S (MS62); 1898-P (MS64) 1898-S (AU53); 1899-P (MS62); 1899-S (AU53); 1900-S (AU53); 1901-P (XF45); 1902-S (AU55);1903-O (MS64)1903-S (VF30); 1904-S (XF40). Peace Silver Dollar Complete Set – All Coins Graded by Professional Grading Service (PCGS). A sample listing of key date(s) include 1921-P High Relief (AU58); 1924-S (AU58); 1927-P (AU53); 1928-P (AU55); 1928-S (AU55); 1934-S (AU55);1935-P (AU53); 1935-S (AU55). For complete listing please see www.suttonauction.com.

KEY DATE COINS: 1909-SVDB Lincoln Penny (PCGS – VF20); 1877 Indian Head Penny (NGC – VG10BN); 1922 No “D” Lincoln Penny (NGC F12BN); 1931-S Lincoln Penny (PCGS MS64RB); 1916-D Mercury Dime (PCGS – AG03); 1932-S Washington Quarter (NGC – F15); 1932-D Washington Quarter (PCGS – AU50); 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar (PCGS AU50); 1921-S Walking Liberty (PCGS – AG03); 1921-P Walking Liberty (NGC AG3); 1878-S Trade Dollar (PCGS AU53); Plus a vast selection of Proof Sets; Mint Sets; Commemorative Coins; Silver Bullion; Silver Eagles; Half Cents; Canadian Coins; Rolls of Coins; plus many more to numerous to list.

GOLD COINS: 1851 $1 Gold Liberty – Type 1 (NGC AU55); 1855 $1 Gold Liberty – Type 2 (NGC AUDetails); 1856 $1 Gold Liberty Slanted 5 – Type 3 (NGC AU58); 1851 $2 ½ Gold Liberty (NGC AU50); 1915 $2 ½ Gold Indian Head (NGC (AU53); 1908 Denmark – $10 Kroner Gold (NGC (MS65); 1854 $3 Gold Liberty (PCGS F12); 1897-A France 20 Francs Gold (NGC MS64+); 1906-D $5 Gold Liberty (NGC AU55); 1911 $5 Indian Head Gold (NGC AU55); 1892 $10 Liberty Gold (NGC AU55); 1916-S $10 Gold Indian Head (NGC (AU55); 1927 $20 Saint Guadian Gold (PCGS MS61)1988-P $5 Gold Eagle (PCGS PR69DCAM); 1996-W $5 Gold Eagle (PCGS PR69DCAM).

CURRENCY: Series 1934A $1,000 Federal Reserve Note; Series 1934 $500 Federal Reserve Note; Series 1899 US Chief Silver Certificate; Series 1901 US $10 Bison Note; Series 1922 $20 Gold Note; Series 1922 $10 Gold Note; Series 1917 $2 Legal Tender Note; Series 1917 $1 Legal Tender Note; Series 1914 $20 Federal Reserve Note; Series 1914 $10 Federal Reserve Note; Series 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note; Series 1899 $1 Silver Certificate; Series 1935A $1 Hawaii Silver Certificate; Series 1923 $1 Silver Certificate; Series 1966 $100 Read Seal US Note; Series 1929 $100 National Currency – Chicago; Series 1929 $50 National Currency – Chicago; Series 1929 $50 National Currency – San Francisco; Series 1929 $20 National Currency – Atlanta; Series 1929 National Currency – Richmond; Series 1929 $20 National Currency – Cleveland; Series 1929 $20 National Currency – Chicago; Series 1929 $20 National Currency – New York; Series 1929 $5 National Currency – Chicago; Series 1928 $20 Gold Note; Series 1928 $10 Gold Note; plus more….

DeWayne & Diane Kirsch – Owners – ph.  605-351-2364

 Chuck Sutton – Auctioneer & Land Broker – Sioux Falls; SD – ph. 605-335-6315

Dan Uthe – Auctioneer & RE Broker Assoc. – Sioux Falls – 605-351-2230

Dean Gulbranson – RE Auctioneer – Madison; SD – ph. 605-695-0133

Dean Stoltenberg – Auctioneer & RE Broker Assoc. – Jasper; MN – ph. 605-648-7352

Rick Becker – Auctioneer  – Madison; SD ph. 605- Ph. 605-480-1976

Clerk: Chuck Sutton Auction Service



October 12, 2019


9:00 am


Flandreau Community Center
800 W. Community Dr.
Flandreau, SD 57028


Chuck Sutton
Dan Uthe
Dean Gulbranson
Dean Stoltenberg
Rick Becker

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