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Successful auctions just don’t happen. They’re planned.

Don’t bet the farm on just anyone.

When it comes to auctions – experience counts!  Nothing beats experience when auctioning a clients lifetime assets from land to personal property.  Chuck Sutton learned the auction business from his grandfather and other leaders in the auction profession and today, continues the tradition of success with integrity, a thorough understanding of the marketplace and commitment delivering exceptional results.

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2020 Land Sold Results

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COVID 19 Letter 2020

Planning an auction?  Contact the Knowledgeable Auction Professionals at Chuck Sutton Auctioneer & Land Broker, LLC.  We are continuing to discuss auction plans for forthcoming auctions with clients and are continuing to book auctions for the summer and fall, so if you’re planning an auction don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss details concerning your potential auction.

Going forward, the semantics related to auctions might be a bit different due to COVID-19 as it may be necessary to implement social distancing guidelines, special registration guidelines, urging individuals with compromised health issues or that are ill not to attend auctions, stressing good hygiene and hand sanitation and other practices to keep both our auction clientele and staff safe and COVID free.  We will make efforts to accommodate those that cannot attend our auctions with Online bidding on larger auctions, and pre-bidding, absentee and phone bids accepted on other auctions.  As always, phone and absentee bidding is allowed for bidders on our land, acreage and other real estate auctions subject to pre-qualification with our company prior to these types of auctions.  Stay Safe and healthy and continue to pray for a return to normalcy.


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Happy National Auctioneers Week to All!  Thank you to all of our buyers and sellers!  We truly appreciate each & every one of you!

SOLD!  Farm 1A – Acreage – $399,000.00; Farms 1B&C – 311.30 Acres – $$15,700.00/Acre; Farm 2 – 119.89 Acres – $10,900.00! Fri. April 30th – 10:00 am – +/-439.15 Acres of Choice Lone Rock Twp., Moody Co., SD Land with Acreage & Buildings!  23771 486th Ave., Flandreau, SD

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